About us

It is important to find a trustworthy partner to secure the safety offered by gold who provides the right kind of assurances concerning the security of investments. This key role is filled by Arteus Capital Holding's partner company:  Arteus Capital GmbH. The high equity ratio company  based in Vienna, Austria is a defining participant of the precious metal investment market.

Arteus Capital GmbH. solely uses gold and silver with a 999.9 ‰ purity precious metals which earned the “Good Delivery” status by the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA). Bars of such markings are accepted and considered convertible currency in all parts of the world.

The clients of Arteus Capital GmbH. receive tangible, physical precious metal for their purchases. Should the clients choose to opt for the services of Arteus Capital GmbH., the precious metal purchased from the company is stored in the vault of an internationally renowned safe with a grand legacy, specializing in bank-independent safe deposits. The gold and/or silver bars stored in the safe can be accessed at any time by the clients.

Worthy of note Arteus Capital Holding’s African enterprise and project: Green Gold System SARL was established in Mali in 2014 as part of a business model. The primary purpose was to create, mainly in the Western African countries, a framework of cooperation with state and governmental institutions and business circles that would make possible the mining of precious metals in a transparent and prudent manner.

Green Gold System SARL has export license, owns properly accredited gold furnace and lab together with the rights to analyse and certify the purity of precious metals. The professional background of Green Gold System SARL in Mali and Hungary is assured by internationally recognized geologists, businessmen and former high-ranking diplomats. 

In September 2015 Green Gold System SARL signed the Convention for Research and Mining with the Goverment of Mali that provides the company exclusive rights to conduct research and mining activities for a perioed of 30 years on the defined area of 65 square kilometers. The research works - already accomplished on the perimeters - proved the siginificant presence of precious, industrial and rare earth metals.